Equine Savior is A Non Profit Corporation
 (501(c)(3) approved Non Profit Corporation)

Our Board of Directors

Anthony Nicolosi, President/Director
Anthony has a Bachelorís degree in Film and a Masters in Education and is the founder of Equine Savior. He has 35 years of equine experience and horse training. He also has 30 years of business experience in sales, marketing and management, as well as 15 years of experience in media/advertising.

Karen Miller, Treasurer/Director
Karen has 30 years of tax and financial experience.

Tara Clark Secretary 
Tara has 30 years in the restaurant management business, and 40 years of horse experience.

 Stacia Roesler, Director
Stacia has 30 years of experience in purchasing, advertising and marketing. She also has four years of experience in running non-profit organizations and 15 years of management experience at a Fortune 500 company.

Mary Palmer, Director

Mary has 47 years experience with horses, beginning her career in England with Benita Borell in France, Baron von Blixen Finecke, a Swedish gold medallist/3-day event, and Dick Stillwell, the British trainer for the 3-day event Olympic Team. She also has 30 years experience in the graphic design business, beginning her career in London, and owning her own business in Colorado, By Design Wedding Florals LLC since 2000.

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